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OPPO Find X6 Duo Certified by 3C; Wired Charging Speeds Confirmed For Pro and Vanilla X6

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OPPO Find X6 is another exciting flagship lineup ready to roll out. It’s reportedly due at the end of February. As with all high-end devices, the newcomers are ensuing leaks left and right ahead of the launch. During the past month, renders and specs of Find X6 and X6 Pro have leaked numerous times. The latest development confirms their charging speeds.

The duo has bagged 3C certification from China. For those unaware, 3C often mentions adapter stats and charging kits inside the devices, through which ascertaining the recharge wattages on the models becomes easy. It’s the same case with Find X6 and X6 Pro.

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With OPPO Find X6 model number PGFM110, the primary wired charging will support 5V/2A and 5V-11V/7.3A, which roughly equals 80W. The travel adapters supported with the phone will be VCB8JACH/VCB8JBCH, which generally have 100W capability, but the company will restrict the phone to 80.

The latest flagship OPPO mobile, the higher-end sib flexes higher charging speeds at 100W. According to 3C’s file, the model PGEM110 has the charging kit maxed out at 11V/9.1A, roughly equivalent to wired 100W SuperVOOC.

The wired recharging is the same as last year on OPPO Find X6 at 80W, juicing up half of a 5000mAh cell in 12 minutes. It’s a different story for the Pro model. Unlike the precursor, it’s sporting 100W instead of 80W.

OPPO Find X6 Price in Pakistan & Specs

Alleged claims on the internet say that X6 Pro awaits two SoC variants; one with Dimensity 9200 and the other with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Vanilla model will have a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 at its core. Before concluding, we suggest taking the core specs with a hint of sarcasm until the company confirms them. Although there is still uncertainty about other product releases, what is confirmed is the recent A-series addition from the company. The OPPO’s current A57 price in Pakistan starts at PKR 50,000.